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65239 NAIN RUG

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Named after the city in the Isfahan province of Iran, the Nain rug is famous for its intricate details and exquisite beauty. The rugs have a reputation as having the highest class of workmanship and materials. With a very high knot count, often more than 700 knots per square inch, these coveted rugs are a treasure and treat for the art lover. It is common to see floral motifs and medallions which is similar to Isfahan rugs and with ivory or cream backgrounds is very common. Although you will see every shade of blue, beige and gray, it is less likely to see shades of green, yellow or orange. The knot is unique in that they use asymmetrical Persian knots with wool pile, silk accents and a silk foundation. Due to the high knot count and high quality craftsmanship, these rugs have taken years to make.

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