We have been saying for awhile that we are experiencing a renaissance in modern area rugs.  We want to embrace the idea that modern rugs are here to stay, as well as take a look at the different styles of modern rugs that are popular in 2019. Let’s take a look at these home decor trends in rugs.


When did the first modern rug appear?

One could say that the first modern rugs were created by the nomadic Qashqai tribes of Southern Iran in the Zagros Mountains.  This all happened during the latter half of the 19th century, where the now very famous Gabbeh rug was born.   The Gabbeh is a more modern idea of a rug with far fewer patterns and usually a more open field without a border.  It may also surprise you to know that most of the Gabbeh rug weavers were women.

Zagros mountains Iraq Iran Turkey

These beautiful Gabbehs below are stunning examples available in our area rug showroom.


While the Gabbeh carpet continues to be a popular rug in 2019, the modern area rug has grown up a lot in recent years with the majority of designs coming from India. However, Pakistan is also coming up with some gorgeous designs as well.  In fact, one of our very favorite modern inspired rugs is this gorgeous erased-look Mamluk.  Handwoven with handspun wool and silk – it is super deluxe to touch with your hands and feet.


A Slight Departure From The Traditional Area Rug

One of the major trends in rugs right now is the traditional designed rug that has been “altered” to make look old or what the weavers call an “erased design“.  We love this type of oriental rug as they represent the old world with the twist of the “roughed up” new world.  Sometimes its nice to have a rug that embraces or reflects our own inner imperfection. (This design coming soon to Ruby Rugs)

modern area rug erased design

modern area rug erased design

During this current age of technology, most area rug designs are now produced in carpet CAD-like software.   Designs are printed out for weavers so they can see every knot.  Many customers ask us how the rug designs are made these days especially because some designs appear to have a “pixelated” appearance.  For instance, this popular pattern below, created in wool and silk is a spectacular example.



Nature Inspired Modern Rugs

Many of todays modern area rugs are borrowing influences from nature.  Nature inspired rugs are a wonderful way of bringing the influence of Mother Earth into your living room.


For instance, this rug reminds us of a forest of birch trees.



And this modern contemporary rug reminds us of being in the forest with beautiful lavender flowers.


An extension of the nature inspired rugs are the textures.  Yes, textured area rugs are a BIG THING today.  In some cases you will see multi-dimensions in rugs, for example, wool cut short and the silk pile higher, with additional textures as well.  In some cases the rug is sheared to the foundation in parts to create a special texture.  This gorgeous example below is a rug that has a somewhat mosaic look where the look achieved has been from the carving of the rug.  This look is very popular now and feels gorgeous beneath your feet, especially in silk!

modern area rug with silk texture


Modern Rug Designs With Geometric Patterns

As a complete departure from nature-inspired designs, we have modern area rug designs that remind us of Frank Lloyd Wright or Picasso type influences. (This design is coming soon to our area rug store. Please contact us if you would like to have this rug in a special size)

modern area rug Frank Lloyd Wright

Another popular trend making a comeback is Cubism. Beginning in the early 1910s, cubism is considered to be one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century.  For the art-lover, the cubist area rug may be exactly what your space needs. (This design is coming soon to Ruby Rugs. Please contact us if you would like to have this rug in a special size)

modern area rug cubism

The Abstract Area Rug

The best part of the modern rug movement is the abstract area rug.  Abstract patterns lend themselves well to the modern rug and look fabulous in rooms.  Some examples below are some of the abstract painting style rugs that are very popular in today’s home.

modern area rug abstract painting


Free In-Home Consultation

When it comes to the modern rug, Ruby Rugs wants to help you find the right look for your home.  We want you to feel inspired and excited about having such an exquisite piece of art for your floor.  If you are considering the modern rug to replace your old rugs, please contact us and arrange a free in-home consultation.

After the initial consultation, we bring rugs to your home so you can see how the rugs look in your own light.  This also gives you an idea of what works and what does not.  It is not only color and style that makes a room special, it is the way the rug works with your existing furnishings and most importantly “how you feel” about the rug in your home.  Every rug tells a story.  Let your rugs be a part of your inner storytelling and a reflection of you.

Here are some of the modern rugs coming to Ruby Rugs soon!