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In order to maintain a beautiful and fresh appearance of your handmade rug, we highly recommend having it cleaned every 1-3 years, depending on the level of foot traffic it receives. For rugs in high-traffic areas like foyers or entryways, more frequent cleaning may be necessary based on dirt and staining accumulation. However, it is important to note that improper cleaning methods can cause damage instead of improving the condition of your rug. This is why entrusting your rug cleaning needs to a professional is crucial.

With our team at Ruby Rugs, you can rely on our expertise and experience in the field of professional rug cleaning. Our dedicated department understands the complexities associated with different fibers (including wool, silk, cotton and other materials) and types of dirt/staining. We utilize this knowledge to carefully select the appropriate treatment method for each individual rug, ensuring optimal care and desired results.

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In-Home Design Consultation

In-Home Design Consultation

Do you need help deciding which rug to choose for your room? Let us assist you in finding the best handmade rug that fits your needs. Our design team will choose from our gorgeous selection of hand knotted area rugs and provide optimum selections for you to choose from. Please get in touch and we will get back to you with a list of suggested rugs.
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Expert Rug Cleaning & Repair

Area Rug Cleaning & Repair

Your handmade rugs deserve the best. Like any piece of art that you have on your wall, the art on your floors creates a beautiful look and feel to your well-decorated space. Unlike the wall, your floors receive much more traffic which can affect your handmade area rugs over time. As you have spent a substantial investment on your handmade rug, you want to make sure you have a qualified rug expert to clean your rug. Having experts who know and understand hand knotted rugs is the best choice when caring for your rugs.
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Area Rugs Trade-In

Area Rug Trade-In

Have you seen enough of your current handmade rugs that you currently have in your home? For anyone wanting to change their home environment and make it look new again, this is a wonderful new option that we are providing at Ruby Rugs. This provides you the option of getting a new handmade rug at a reduced price as we take in your rug at a trade-in value and you get a new rug from our beautiful showroom.
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Handmade Rugs Appraisals & Insurance

Rug Appraisals & Insurance

Your handmade rug is more than a way to cover your floors – it is a fine piece of art. A gorgeous handmade rug in great condition can hold exceptional value. Many factors are evaluated to provide a fair market value for an antique area rug. The process of appraising a rug requires historical knowledge and current rug market trends.
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Handmade Rugs on Approval

Rugs on Approval

We love to offer our customers and designers the option to “try-before-you-buy” approval policy. This allows you to take home any handmade rug on approval to test drive it. If for some reason the rugs are not what you are wanting, then you can return them with no charges within a 48-hour period. The rugs in the showroom often look bigger and brighter in our showroom than in your home and this is due to our huge ceilings and incredible lighting. When you lay the rug down in your home, the light and dark side of the rug will play a role in how it looks in your home.
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Having quality handmade rugs requires keeping them clean and in good condition. Its something you want to cherish for a very long time. Choose Ruby Rugs for expert rug cleaning and repair. We also provide handmade rugs appraisals and insurance for those who need it. 

Or if you are new to handmade rugs and just don’t know where to start, contact us and we will give you a FREE In-home design consultation to help you with color and size. Or if you already own some rugs that you want to get rid of or trade-in, let us help you with that. No matter what handmade rug you like in our store, you can “try before you buy” with our rugs on approval service. This offers peace of mind for those who just don’t know if its going to be the right rug.

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