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Handmade Rugs Repair & Restoration

Handmade Rugs Repair & Restoration

Handmade rugs are intricately crafted pieces of art that require special care and attention when it comes to repair. Whether it’s a small tear or a fringe that needs fixing, handmade rugs deserve the expertise of skilled craftsmen. Repairing a handmade rug involves careful evaluation of its unique style, design, and materials used. As professionals in rug repair, we have the knowledge and experience to match original craftsmanship, ensuring a seamless restoration that maintains the rug’s original beauty.

One common repair for handmade rugs is reweaving. This technique involves carefully unraveling and recreating the damaged portion of the rug’s pattern, strand by strand. Our skilled weavers meticulously match the colors and patterns to seamlessly blend new knots with the existing ones. This delicate process requires both skill and patience to ensure that the repaired area flawlessly matches the rest of the rug. Handmade rug repair also involves carefully cleaning and restoring fringe, which can easily get damaged due to everyday use. Our expert craftsmen can expertly mend fringes, giving the rug its elegant finish and preventing further unraveling. Our commitment to preserving the rug’s original beauty ensures that these precious pieces of art can be enjoyed for generations to come.


The client owned a vintage handmade Navajo rug that she had for a long time. It had definitely been used and enjoyed as a rug to walk on. However, she was moving to a new home and wanted to put it on the wall instead. We loved that idea!


After all the work, this is the final result. You can hardly tell that there was any problem with it. All the areas had to be custom dyed to match the rug and sewn carefully to give it the proper texture. 

navajo rug before repair
navajo rug after repair

A handmade rug repair story

Repairing handmade rugs can be a challenge. Not only does each color that is being repaired have to match or be custom dyed, but the weave must look similar. 

You could see some areas were completely thread bare!
navajo rug hole repair
More threadbare areas of the rug that needed repair.
navajo rug damage
Probably the most challenging area to repair because of being such a large area near the edge.

closeups of the handmade rug repairs

Navajo rug after repair
Threads were dyed to match.
Nicely done!

adding a rug sleeve - to hang a rug on the wall

Back of rug with sleeve
Rug sleeve for hanging on wall
Closeup of rug sleeve, so the client can hang on the wall.

We can take on just about any kind of rug repair job. Even though we don’t carry Navajo rugs, we can repair them. If you have any rugs that need repairing, please contact us and bring your rug with you so we can give you a proper quote. It should be noted that rug repair work is a serious job and thus isn’t really meant for rugs that you don’t consider to be of great value, as repairs can be costly.  However, for a rug that is valuable or has sentimental value, getting your rugs repaired can be a very worthwhile experience.