The customers had come into our store specifically looking to make a custom personalized rug for their entrance. They had always been attracted to gabbehs and the story telling aspect of them. They also really liked the tree of life and wanted to incorporate it into their design. Initially, we drafted up a design that was similar to a rug we already had in store. That was the starting point. From there, they ended up drawing their own version of a “tree of life” design. It was such a delight to work with clients who had a really good idea of what they wanted and more than that, they ended up drawing their own picture! It doesn’t get more personal than this. Gabbehs are such fun rugs to play with as they often have scenes of nature and animals. This couple truly incorporated the best elements of their own personalized design and the gabbeh look and feel.


There is always a process to making a custom rug. It is especially noteworthy when we are doing something very personal. Not only was this rug to have a lot of personality and uniqueness due to its design and color, but also the SHAPE as well. They wanted it to be the shape of the front entrance. 


The first draft of the personalized rug was based on a rug we had in store, but made to a different size.

Personalized rug Gabbeh draft


The clients came back and drew something quite a bit different! We loved that they were active in the participation of their personalized custom rug. Also, note that the shape is curved, which it was always intended to be. 


After the 2nd draft, we sent that draft to our weaver and they composed the following. It was slightly changed a couple of times before we actually came to this final result. It after we agreed on the design that we finalized the colors. The clients came into the showroom to choose from our 1200 color palette!


The first photo below is the digital artwork created for what would be the “strikeoff” or “sample”. This is made for the client so they can see what their creation will look like in a woven piece.

The 2nd photo is the actual strikeoff woven piece to see the colors and weave.

personalized rug strikeoff
Personalized rug strikeoff

The clients loved the strikeoff and we went ahead with starting the actual custom rug. 

Personalized rug template

The curve of the stairway was not typical or symmetrical. Thus we also made a paper template to ship to India. Its still the best way to do custom shaped rugs. It was during this process that we decided to make the personalized rug a little wider than we had initially decided. It had started as 2’0″ x 5’0″ approximately. Then it changed to 2’1″ x 6’8″.


The clients waited a while for this personalized rug due to making changes along the way. Whenever you are choosing to make a custom rug, always remember to be patient. Your product isn’t made on a machine or by robots. They are made by real humans who care about your product. 

Personalized rug side
Personalized rug side 2
Personalized rug front

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