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Custom Rugs – Before and After – Rug Runner

Custom Rugs – Before and After – Rug Runner

We always say that custom rugs are very “personal” items and it important that customers are engaged in the entire process of making a custom rug. They had been wanting to change the carpet on their stairs for awhile. We told them that custom was the very best option for them as it was such a custom size, especially if they wanted a handmade rug runner. They thought about it first and then made the free appointment for us to come to their home with our case of 1200 custom colors to decide which color scheme they like. The whole family was involved in the creation of the custom rug runner. 


The owners had an old unbound commercial carpet runner that they inherited when they bought the home in 1992. It had definitely seen better days and it was time for an update!

stair runner before


They chose a gabbeh style runner they had seen in the store. When we came to their home, we brought the custom color poms so they could choose the exact colors that would give them the look they wanted. 


When the customers had come into the store originally, they were looking for a long runner that may fit. Of course due to its very specific size, there was no such unicorn in our showroom. Thus, we recommended that they choose going custom for this project. At first they were a bit hesitant, but recognizing the size issue, they knew this was likely the best option. We also knew that it would require proper measurements because the house was built in the 1920’s and nothing was square. But we like a good challenge. 

custom runner
This was the rug the customers saw in store that they wanted to make a similar version.
The custom rug color poms for the project
The custom rug art that our weavers created.
The custom rug art that our weavers created.
custom rug strikeoff sample
Once the customers had approved the art, they ordered a custom rug strikeoff or sample. They approved the sample once it was received (about 30 days).

More Photos of the Custom Rug runner Project

We used a roll of kraft paper to measure the stairs (each stair was a different size)
We removed the old rug and old nails that had been used. The old pad had turned to dust!
placing the new rug pad
We placed the new rug pad on the upper part of the stairway
Installing the new custom rug runner
The installation of the custom rug runner on top of the rug pad. Perfect fit!
Completed custom rug runner berkeley
completed custom rug runner berkeley