CUSTOM RUGS story - 8x10 gabbeh rug in hunter green

This hand made custom rug creation was inspired by a traditional / tribal Persian Gabbeh that we had exhibited on our walls. Granted, the gorgeous red Persian rug was stunning in every way. The wool was gleaming with shine because of the beautiful handspun wool that was used in its creation. The natural dyes were exquisite. Persian rugs truly inspire because of their beauty and craftsmanship. That being said, the customer was not interested in red and even though it was a good size she was not interested in it for her home. I told her that we could create a similar version that she would like in the colors that she liked. I took out our custom colors and she got excited, but still hesitant. But the seed had been planted and the rug stood out in her mind. A couple of weeks later she came back to our shop and order an 8×10 custom carpet for her living room. 


This was the rug she fell in love with on our walls. As it is Persian, we could not get another one. And certainly not custom. 



As you can see there are some slight differences and that is ok as we were not looking for an exact copy. We just wanted the same look and feel. Made in India.


Making a custom gabbeh is really a joy, as Gabbehs are a classic design. They have a slightly bigger pile than other rugs which makes them feel super luxurious when you walk on them. The customer got to choose from our selection of 1200 colors and she picked what she wanted. Her current rug was a vintage chinese design that was already threadbare in parts. The green color was the same except more of a solid, not handspun wool that creates the beautiful “abrashness” that so many of us love in rugs. This was a major upgrade.

custom rug color palette
The colors were simple. Only 4 to pick.
custom rug art cad drawing
This was the final approved art for the project made by our team in India.
approved custom rug strikeoff
The custom rug strikeoff that the client received. (photo is a bit darker than actual)
custom rug and strikeoff
India keeps a copy of the strikeoff and then matches to the rug. It came out perfectly.

More Photos of the gabbeh Custom rug

custom rug ready for shipping to USA
Custom rug ready to ship to USA from India
kitty approved custom rug
As you can see, it is kitty approved. She took to it immediately, like she knew it was hers.
We forgot to take a before photo, but the old rug had definitely seen better days! Replacing it with this gorgeous gabbeh was exactly what this living room needed. Don't you agree?

want to order a custom gabbeh with us?

Check out some of these designs below. We can customize the colors any way you like, or you can bring in your own design that you prefer. The nice thing about these tribal/contemporary rugs, is that they are durable, super comfortable and gorgeous. You can go as wild as you like with color or be very subdued and gentle. The choice is yours. 

Gabbeh rug design
Gabbeh rug design
Gabbeh rug design
Gabbeh rug design
Gabbeh rug design
Gabbeh rug design
Gabbeh rug design
Custom Gabbeh Form