Area Rugs On Approval


When you consider the investment, time and effort it takes to choose a beautiful handmade area rug and the impact is has in your room, it is worthy of seeing the rugs in your home, in your lighting conditions, before making the decision to purchase.

Viewing handmade rugs in your home

Whether you are single, married, with or without kids or are designing a space with an interior designer, selecting the perfect hand knotted rug for your room can be a rewarding experience. As rug purveyors, we have noticed that it is important to see the rug or multiple rugs in your home before you buy.

We love to offer our customers and designers the option to “try-before-you-buy” approval policy. This allows you to take home any rug on approval to test drive it. During this time, you are not committed to a purchase, it is simply time for you to decide if any of them are right for your needs and design scheme. If for some reason the rugs are not what you are wanting, then you can return them with no charges within a 48-hour period.

The rugs in the showroom often look bigger and brighter in our showroom than in your home and this is due to our huge ceilings and incredible lighting (which is not typical in most homes)! Our lighting is wonderful to help you see the color and texture of the rug.

When you lay the rug down in your home, the light and dark side of the rug will play a role in how it looks in your home. Rotating the rug to see it from both sides can make a big difference to your enjoyment of the rug.

rugs on approval