Need your oriental rug appraised?

We can help you

Your hand knotted rug is more than a way to cover your floors – it is a fine piece of art.  A gorgeous handwoven rug in great condition can hold exceptional value.

Many factors are evaluated to provide a fair market value for an antique area rug.  The process of appraising a rug requires historical knowledge and current rug market trends.

The benefit of getting your handmade area rug appraised.

  • The rug has a documented value for insurance if there is a fire or flood. It is also in case it is stolen.  The truth is that if you do not have the document, your insurance company cannot compensate you.
  • If you are deciding to sell it through an auction or estate sale, having the appraisal in hand will do wonders for you.
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What determines the overall value of your antique handwoven rug?

It is true that a quality antique rug is worth more than most new rugs.

The better condition your rug is in, the more likely it is to retain its value.

The antique large area rug with many colors and an intricate pattern is likely to fetch a higher price than a small, common, or less colorful rug.

With a few exceptions, an antique silk rug is likely to demand more value than wool.

Rugs that are rare or popular with collectors can raise the value.

Higher knot per square inch usually increases the value of the rug.

Get your antique rug appraised

You can bring and drop off your hand knotted rug to our showroom in Berkeley for assessment.  Once complete, you will have a written appraisal which includes the full description of the rugs characteristics and the current market value.

Does Ruby Rugs purchase hand knotted rugs?

This is a common question asked by our customers.  The answer is yes, we do purchase handmade rugs.  We factor in many of the above factors, such as age, condition, size, style and design, materials, origin and knot count before we decide to purchase.  As well, we also offer consignment of the rug.  If you want us to look at your rugs, please contact us at 510-558-3244.