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We specialize in the latest traditional and modern area rugs styles from around the world. We service Berkeley and all of the San Francisco Bay Area. A curated collection to fit your style!

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I recently purchased a new beautiful rug from Abi at the newly opened Ruby Rugs. They have a beautiful selection of rugs and the customer service was unprecedented. While it is easy to select a rug in a large shop that you like, you never know how it will look in your room with your furniture until you put it there

Margie G.

We just had a great experience buying some rugs!!! Can you believe it! No sleazy, smelly, non understandable rug sales person that bullshit you all the way to the bank. Instead when we arrived at Ruby's Rugs we got offered coffee, tea or water, and all the the help we got was so genuine without pressure!

Gregoria J.

We were looking for a unique color a high-quality Persian rug for a very long time, we couldn't find any until we went to Ruby Rugs, modern store, great service and most importantly if you look for high quality and unique rug it's the only place at Bay Area. They have good verity and collection of quality rugs at the best prices, Highly recommenced.

Danipal B.

Popular Luxury Oriental Rug Styles

Ruby Rugs specializes in a variety of oriental rug designs in all popular sizes. You can view our online catalogue and shop by size, style, fabric and colors! Whether you need a modern rug, traditional rug, tribal rug, we have what you need. We have a vast selection of incredible luxury area rugs to suit almost any interior.


Are you struggling with designing your space with rugs? Try our complimentary design services! Our expert team will guide you through the options and help create a visually stunning space. We take your preferences, existing decor, and style into account to curate a selection of luxury rugs that will transform your space. From color choices to sizing and placement, we are here to alleviate your stress and uncertainty. Let us take care of the design process and enjoy the beauty of handmade luxury rugs in your home.

Expert In Rug Repair & CLEANING

Handmade Rugs Repair

We provide some of the best handmade rugs repair in the Bay Area. If you have a special heirloom piece or a rug that is important to you that you want to fix, please contact us to help you repair it. This is a great example of before and after.

navajo beforenavajo after
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