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2022 Interior Design Trends and Rugs

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Interior Design Trends in 2022 - Hellenistic Style

We have done a lot of inner learning the last couple of years and also changing how we live with others. In this re-invented life, we have come to see new ideas flourish based on old world ideas. In 2022, interior design trends reflect our new post-covid reality and opportunity for greater creativity.

Enter "Newstalgia"

2022 Interior Design Trends - Newstalgia

Mixing old with new makes our spaces feel more modern with comfort.  The blend of vintage/retro looks with luxurious finishings and high tech is the look of 2022. The nice thing about this look is that it is very versatile and adds a bit more storytelling to your space. Another aspect of interior design in 2022 is that we are thinking more eco-friendly, minimalistic and nostalgic at the same time.

Speaking of eco-friendly, green is the new fashionable color of 2022. Originating from our desire for greater wellness and a connection to nature, green is big. We are adding more plants to create a more organic feeling inside our homes.


We feel these rugs below are a perfect blend of vintage and modern. Old world designs with new world colors and some green!

NOORISTAN RUG - Newstalgia
Interior Design Trends - Newstalgia - Fine Aryana
FINE ARYANA RUG - Newstalgia

Another aspect of “green” is sustainability. When you purchase a hand knotted rug from Ruby Rugs, you are receiving a hand-made and sustainable rug product. The art of rug making is ancient. Just type in Pazyryk rug on google and you’ll see how old it really is!


An obvious side effect of spending more time indoors was people “repurposing” guest rooms that were not being used. From music rooms, massage spaces, libraries or even metaphysical/prayer spaces, we changed our homes during this time to give us space to relax or to be creative. 

This is changing the name of the game for home interiors. We are looking for more spiritually in-tune spaces, a living space that is sacred and healing. Our home is now our sanctuary and because of this, our style is reflected more than the style of just “looking good”.

2022 emotional escape room interior design
TWILIGHT MODERN RUG - "Emotional Escape Room" rug
2022 interior design trends - emotional escape room
ARTIST MODERN RUG - "Emotional Escape Room" rug
Interior Design Trend - Emotional Escape Room
BOKHARA RUG - "Emotional Escape Room"


interior design trend - Clay Pots

In line with the eco-friendly trend, is the addition of stone and clay. These organic and warm naturalistic materials act as neutrals. You can add a lot of warmth with these neutral materials and it is an exciting interior design trend.

It is common for people to feel more at peace when they are surrounded by nature or more natural elements such as wood, wool and ceramics.  The natural imperfection of wood shows knots and grains and brings great warmth that will last years. Put a beautiful wool handmade carpet on top and you have a wonderful marriage.

The emergence of green living and being earth-conscious gives homeowners the interest in finding new ways to repurpose old looks and creating modern rustic appeal.

Here are some of our favorite earthy-inspired organic elements rugs.

2022 Interior Design Trend - Organic Elements
PAKISTANI GABBEH - Organic Elements
2022 Interior Design Trend - Organic Elements
PERSIAN GABBEH - Organic Elements
2022 Interior Design Trends - Organic Elements


Another new interior design trend in 2022, which we really love is the Hellenistic Style. The Hellenistic period lasted from 323 BCE to 31 CE in ancient Greece. Artists and sculptors perfected naturalism and realistic figures. This period incorporated a lot of details and the idealized human form. This new trend incorporates ancient Greek motifs, Tuscan style and soft florals.

The Hellenistic style was popular in the 1980’s, and is now re-surging encouraging luxury through art, design and sculpture, creating an air of regality. It is easy to find carpets for this style, which include blue rugs, gray rugs and soft floral rugs.


Interior Design Trends in 2022 - Hellenistic Style
Interior Design Trend 2022 - Hellenistic Style
FARAHAN RUG - "Hellenistic Style" - blue rug with ivory border
Interior Design Trend - Silk and Wool
INDIAN SILK & WOOL - "Hellenistic Style" - gray rug
HAJI JALILI RUG - "Hellenistic Style"

JEWEL-TONED RUGS AND FURNISHINGS’ve always said that rugs are very personal items and this is still true. In 2022, white is definitely out, but jewel tones are making a big comeback as people spring into color again. Part of this is because people are stepping outside of their color comfort zones and experimenting. We definitely approve of this trend!

Whether its ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, these colors will definitely create a “mood”.  At Ruby Rugs, we encourage this desire for jewel toned rugs, after all, we are named after a Ruby. 😊

The interior designers that visit us here this year at Ruby Rugs, are definitely looking for big pops of jewel-toned colors.

TURKMAN-KHIVA - Ruby "Jewel-Toned" Rug
2022 interior design trends - jewel-toned
DAINA MODERN RUG - "Jewel-Toned"

As you can see, the 2022 interior design trends are varied and wonderful. Whether you want to transform that guest room or update spaces to be more cozy, there are lots of options to make your space more comfortable and luxurious. Our hand woven rugs are beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting. No matter what trends in rugs are happening, you can always be assured that your rug has value.

We highly encourage you to find style resonates and bring your swatches of color to us so we can find the perfect rug for your space.